Here It Is #3 – In a Cave

You can listen to and download the concert recording from bandcamp.

Time: 2015-12-20 / Sunday
Location: a cave in Huiyu Village, Mentougou, Beijing
Musicians: Wang Ziheng (Sax), Jojo Chou (Drum), Wei Wei (Laptop), Li Jianhong (Guitar), Ake (Violin), Zhao Cong (Plastic Pipe), Zhu Wenbo (Stones), Ding Chenchen (Sheet Iron), Xiu Di (Sax), Da Ao (Plastic Pipe), Li Yangyang (Ebow, Plastic Box), Sheng Di (Thumb Piano, other stuff).
Huiyu Village is a famous fossil concentration on the outskirts of Beijing. Halfway up a hill in a deserted mine, there is a cave deep as 3-4 floors, where we will hold the environment improvisation concert this time.
There were 5 sessions:
Session 1 – Wang Ziheng + Jojo Chou
Session 2 – Mind Fiber (Li Jianhong + Wei Wei) + Ake

Session 3 – Zhu Wenbo + Ding Chenchen + Zhao Cong + Xiu Di
Session 4 – Da Ao + Li Yangyang + Sheng Di
Session 5 – Jam (All musicians and audience)

The “Here it is” Series happen non-schedulely in unconventional places (usually outdoors), dedicating to environment improvisation.